MTC Power system is specialized in the assembly and installation of all generating sets ranging from 5 to 2250 KVA, including all correlative accessories such as synchronizing panels, insulation and anti-vibration system, and needed Fuel system.  

    MTC Power System has been generating power and providing power solutions to its clients in several countries since 2002.  

    MTC Power System differentiates itself from the pack with lasting and mutually beneficial relationships built on trust, service and care with clients as well as suppliers.  

    MTC Power System strives to conduct its business with highest standards of quality and integrity, which is achieved by specialized engineering teams responsive for finding best sound proofing solutions that satisfy and fulfill your demands whatever are your requests which are manufactured in our factory based in Bekaa Lebanon, with full accordance with the administration in Beirut.  

    At MTC, we focus our efforts to provide best quality, reliable and safe products which meet our customers expectations and extends it to new boundaries.


    Sadiq Al-Obeidi - General Manager



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